Elaine Valenza, certified nutrition therapy practitioner

I’m Elaine Valenza, a certified nutrition therapy practitioner (CNTP), functional medicine supplement educator, and former natural foods manufacturer. I began my career working in the pharmaceutical industry. I transitioned into natural medicine over 15 years ago when my son was young and had health problems due to gluten and other food allergies. Since then, I’ve remained passionate about healing the body with whole foods and other holistic modalities.

I have formulated many gluten-free & dairy-free health products that have been sold nationwide and I love sharing my passion for health and wellness through patient care and education. I’m passionate about longevity and how diet and environment can influence the way we live and feel younger. I’m a mother of two, a chronic dog adopter, and love sports, travel, and photography.

Elaine Valenza EV Nutrition Founder

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