April 3, 2023

Skin Health – Get Your Glow From the Inside Out!!!

As we age we start to notice changes to our skin. Whether its lack of hydration, elasticity and/or texture, these changes are to be expected. The great news is there are ways we can slow it down! Environmental factors such as sun exposure, air pollution, and lifestyle choices all play a role in eliciting premature aging and damaging skin cells. (13) Genetic factors such as ethnicity and gender also play a role. (5)

The older we get, the hydration levels in our skin, as well as elasticity, determined by collagen production, also decreases. Texture may also change with age as the dermis thins and roughness increases. This can in turn cause an increase in wrinkles. (5) Addressing these common hallmarks of aging skin may help preserve youthfulness and prevent further damage to the skin barrier.

The ingredients presented above help address a variety of common factors in skin aging such as skin hydration and elasticity.


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