May 4, 2021

Urinary / UTI Support Protocol

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) or other urinary issues can be nearly debilitating at times. They often reoccur without warning and can get in the way of many activities including work, exercise and sexual intercourse to name a few. This protocol addresses not only acute symptoms but can help to prevent future urinary issues from occurring.


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Here’s What to Take and Why


Comprehensive Urinary Tract Formula

Why Should I take it?

Uva Ursi The leaves of uva ursi have been used for centuries in herbal medicine to support the health of the urinary tract. The medicinal portion of uva ursi is the dried leaves, which, in addition to providing arbutin, contain methylarbutin, flavonoids, allantoin, tannins, gallic and ellagic acids, volatile oils and a resins (urvone). Each of the components in uva ursi leaf work synergistically with arbutin to promote healthy bacteria balance in the urinary tract. Additionally, the components of the uva ursi leaf prevent the breakdown and improve absorption of the arbutin molecule. When arbutin remains intact, it is excreted through the kidneys and provides microbial support for urinary tract mucous membranes. Research has demonstrated uva ursi’s ability to promote microbial balance in the bladder1-4 and ability to flush out the urinary tract.5 A double-blind, randomized study (57 women treated with either uva ursi or placebo for 1 month) found that, at one year follow-up, the uva ursi group demonstrated a statistically significant difference in the recurrence of urinary tract challenges.6

Berberine Sulfate Berberine sulfate is an alkaloid sulfate extracted from the roots and barks of many plants and possesses microbial balancing properties. Berberine sulfate’s main mechanism of action is blocking the adhesion of organisms to host cells.

Marshmallow Root Marshmallow root has a long history of use in coating the gastric lining which provides a soothing property to mucous membranes. The demulcent activity (relieving inflammation by forming a protective film) of marshmallow root results in the promotion of a healthy mucosal surface in the urinary tissues and membranes.

Celery Seed ExtractPart of the same family as carrots, parsley and fennel, celery seed has been used for centuries and is still in use today for its soothing and microbial-balancing qualities.10 Research has also demonstrated that celery seed increases urine production, resulting in a flushing of the urinary tract.11 Celery seed has been shown to reduce the membrane integrity of various microbes.12-13

Bladderwrack Bladderwrack is a perennial seaweed found along the shores of Europe and America that has been used to support urinary health. Bladderwrack has been used historically as a natural diuretic. It also promotes normal levels of inflammation in the bladder.

EVN Recommends:

  • Cystistatin

Cystistatin is a unique botanical blend formulated to promote a healthy urinary tract. One of the key ingredients in Cystistatin is uva ursi extract which is standardized to contain 20% arbutin. Arbutin, particularly when combined with berberine sulfate, provides a powerful combination to help maintain healthy microbial balance in the urinary tract and bladder. In addition, marshmallow root soothes bladder and urinary tract discomfort. Celery seed extract and bladderwrack leaf are also included in Cystistatin for their ability to act as a natural diuretic.



Why should I take it?

Probiotics have been extensively studied and are characterized as having broad GI and immune benefits, including (1) increasing the population of healthy bacteria following microflora imbalance; (2) supporting healthy bowel function; (3) increasing the production of short-chain fatty acids, which provide energy to the cells of the intestinal lining; (4) strengthening the gut-immune barrier by promoting a healthy gut mucosa; (5) aiding in the digestion of difficult-to-breakdown compounds like lactose and casein; and (6) enhancing detoxification of harmful compounds. The use of probiotics, especially lactobacilli, has been considered for the prevention of UTIs. Since lactobacilli dominate the urogenital flora of healthy premenopausal women, it has been suggested that restoration of the urogenital flora, which is dominated by uropathogens, with lactobacilli may protect against UTIs.

EVN Recommends:

  • Ortho Biotic®

Ortho Biotic® is a unique probiotic formula designed to deliver active organisms shown to promote healthy gut microflora, protect intestinal integrity and boost immune function. Included in this formula is Saccharomyces boulardii, an extensively researched microorganism shown to help restore microflora balance by enhancing commensal organism function. Each Ortho Biotic® capsule provides seven proven probiotic strains chosen for their ability to withstand the harsh gastrointestinal environment and adhere to the intestinal tract to deliver superior results.


Cranberry Extract

Why Should I Take it?

Cranberry extract is widely known for its potential to support the urinary tract. You may be used to drinking cranberry juice for these benefits‚ but many of these juices contain sugars which can contribute to the growth of unhealthy bacteria. Also many of these juices do not contain enough of the polyphenols and other compounds that work to keep the urinary tract healthy. Taking an extract ensures both potency and that no added sugars are present.

EVN Recommends:

  • Cranberry NS

Cranberry NS nutritionally supports urinary tract health without unwanted sugar found in cranberry juice varieties. Cranberry extract is the main ingredient in Cranberry NS and it is made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients.


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