March 29, 2021

Camel Milk….Everything You Need to Know About It!

Nutrition fads.  They come and go, but we bit on this one and did some research.  The thought of drinking milk from a camel was off-putting to say the least, but once I got over that fact I was willing to give it a try.  Want to boost your immune system for flu season? Try Camel Milk!  Want to help ease digestive issues?  Try Camel Milk!  Yes you heard me – Camel milk.  I know. It sounds crazy, but you will be amazed at all of the benefits that camel milk has to offer. 

Aside from containing the same nutritive properties as colostrum, camel milk is also a good source of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamin B1, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. The benefits don’t stop there. Camel milk differs from cow milk in several beneficial ways. It is easier to digest, contains immunoglobulin A(helps boost the immune system) and may be an option for those who are sensitive to other dairy products.   Studies have shown that the consumption of camel milk increases production of antioxidant enzymes in the body and thereby lowering oxidative stress.  Less oxidative stress means less inflammation which helps our bodies achieve a more healthful balance.  Camel milk also boosts the immune system because it contains the milk protein lactoferrin, which is present in large quantities in camel milk (ten times higher than in cow milk), and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties as well.  Glutathione is one of our body’s most important and abundant antioxidants and camel milk was found to significantly enhance these levels, as well as provide high levels of magnesium and zinc. 

Can I consume camel milk if I’m sensitive to cow’s milk? 

The answer is most likely, Yes!  Camel milk lacks A1 casein and lactoglobulin proteins, which are responsible for most allergies in humans.  Cow’s milk can aggravate autoimmune disorders, but camel milk has been reported to improve autoimmune conditions. Though studies vary in terms of how much camel milk to consume daily to see a therapeutic effect, 2-8 oz. per day is a suggested starting point. 

How does it taste?  

It is honestly so good.  I was really nervous to try it because i had no clue how it would taste, but it was surprisingly creamy and sweet.  My children loved it too, so much that they were putting it in their cereal!  I was also excited that I was able to freeze what we didn’t finish and when I thawed it out it was as good as the day it arrived.

Where can I find camel milk?  

A quick google search can help you find natural food stores or companies who will deliver right to your door.  Buyer beware—this stuff is expensive!  I went for the local, grass-fed, hand-milked camel and it ran me $89 which included the $17 in shipping.

Stay tuned for more info on camel milk coming soon!


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